Pretty Easy Day

Posted by: cheryl

Can't complain too much today. Didn't have to run any errands. Just tidied up house and did laundry. Spent time on computer finishing projects for my parents' party this Saturday. Some friends who aren't going to be able to come to the party came by to leave a gift for Mom & Dad.
Yea, No Rain today!!!!
Went to sisters house with the updated DVD to make sure it plays correct. It Does!!!
"Sissy" (the 3 year old great-niece) had to paint my nails. She loves doing this and I don't mind. She is so serious about it ;-)
Ritzy sounded tired when he called today, so we didn't talk quite as long. I told him to go get some rest...I still need to take bath and get ready for sleep. Although that may not come till later. It's still hard to go to sleep with Ritzy away on this deployment, even though it's been almost 8 months. I can hardly wait til he gets home and we can get back to "normal", whatever that is.......I also realize it may never be the "normal" we knew before he left, but I just want him home where we can just live our lives together..........and not thousands of miles apart........I have been thinking about our 25th anniversary coming up on July 30th. I really don't like the fact that my husband has to be in a foreign country far away from me when that day comes. I am not quite sure how I will handle the day. This is one anniversary I am not looking forward to. Some might tell me to just get over it, but it's how I feel and think.
He may have been able to come home during that time for his R&R, but I told him that I could not bear to tell him goodbye again. When he comes home I want him to STAY!!!!!!! So we chose not to take the time off. We both would rather have the time off at the end of the deployment.
He has only 9 months left in the National Guard after putting in almost 21 years. I am so looking forward to that last day !!!!!! I think that is when I will finally be able to get a good night's sleep..........

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Gosh I know exactly what you mean about getting back to "normal". I think I have forgotten what that is, but I hope we can find it when my hubby gets back home.

I like you will be doing soon, just spent a wedding anniversary alone (not to 25 years yet, but we will be) it was one of the hardest days of all. Plan something special for yourself that day, although I know it won't take the place of him being there in your arms.

I wish you many anniversaries TOGETHER in the future!

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