How I Spent My Thursday....

Posted by: cheryl

And I do mean all day.......I was at the fishing hole at 8:15 a.m. and left at 7:30 p.m.......
Had 15 crappie to show for all my hard "work".  Oh, and let's not forget the "slight" sunburn.  Well, I technically wasn't down there the  whole time, I came home a couple of times for a bathroom break and to fix lunch for me, my sister-in-law and nephew.  We always leave someone there to watch our "stuff" and to keep our "spot"... It's a sad thing to lose your fishing spot.  Fishermen and women are very territorial when it comes to their "spot" on the fishing bank. 
The sunburn isn't bad today, I usually just tan, guess that's the indian in me, haha!!
I was wondering if I was ever going to start catching fish this year.  This is a decent start. Now, if the weather will cooperate I will be happy and spending a LOT of time on this fishing bank. 
Saw my first snake last night.  It was wanting to come up to the bank where I was and I was having to watch him.  I scared it off and it went down to where the son was fishing and he scared it back to me.  It finally gave up and swam out to the middle of the water.  I hate snakes!!!! (snakes are the only drawback to this fishing hole, but we just keep our eyes open and a big rock or stick nearby, haha)
I wasn't alone tho, as I said before my sister-in-law, nephew and another man was down there.  Then my sister, brother-in-law, and niece came down.  There were a few other people I didn't know who stopped and fished for a little while, then left.  They don't have the "staying power" that Ritzywife has when it comes to fishing ;-)
We all had a good time fishing together and visiting.  Someone else, be it friends or family, was down there all day.  Some people think I am crazy when it comes to fishing.....but what can I say...I love it!!
We now have a nice "mess" of crappie in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked.  YUMM YUMM...
Ritzy and I are going to the daughter's tonite to mow...well, he is going to mow while I play with babies.....I told her I would fix hot wings and barbeque wings to bring over for supper. 
I am staying out of the sun today to help recuperate from yesterday, plus it it cloudy and we have a slight chance of storms this morning.
Well, it's time for breakfast so Ritzwife is out.....................

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