Busy Summer So Far.......

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This has been a busy summer so far.  I have been helping out with those precious grandsons 2 days a week at least.  Been making plum jelly, picking blackberries,  sewing,  gathering and cooking veggies from the garden and trying to keep up with my regular household chores.  That is just during the week.  We never know what to expect on the weekend, so I try to stay flexible, haha.
As you can see, Braedy and Calvin are growing like little weeds.  It is amazing how much and fast they change in their looks and actions.  They are starting to try to talk and "coo" when we talk to them.  It is soooo sweet!!!!!  I love it!
Ritzy and I got to watch them nearly the whole day Sunday.  The daughter and hubby had somewhere to go and I told her we would love watching them.  They were so good for us......turned out to be quite easy, although I know they will have their moments in the future...that's when Ritzywife will "grab one" and then tell Ritzy to "grab one" and we will separate them, hahaha!!!!
The daughter called this evening and said she sure had an eventful day.  First of all I guess while she was at work Braedy got Calvin in the eye and scratched it a little.  Being a new mom, the daughter wanted to make sure everything was ok, so she and her hubby took the baby to get examined.  On her way there  a vehicle passed her  and threw a rock, which cracked her windshield on their new car.  The babies had not eaten and by the time all this was over it was about 6 hours since their last feeding.  {Poor little things}..Well..............she finally got home, got the babies fed and herself taken care of and I think things finally settled down.  She called and said the babies were in their swings, and just looking at mommy and daddy.  She later sent me a picture of them and they looked pretty content to "Ni-maw" (pronounced - knee-maw).  I finally came up with a "name".  I just couldn't find one that sounded right until one day I happened to see "Ni-maw" and thought ----I think I like that........
 Tomorrow and Thursday are my days to watch them.  I can hardly wait to get there to give kisses and hugs to those little boys.  The picture above is one I took last week while watching them.
In two days they will be 4 months old already.  WOW--- I told the daughter the time would go by way too fast.  
She is now having to get rid of clothes they have outgrown.
I have 2 high chairs coming tomorrow.  This  Ni-maw is ready.......
It is about bedtime so Ritzywife is out................................ 

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