Growin' Like Little Weeds..

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These two little boys are growing so fast.  They each are around 12 pounds at 3 months old.  They seem to get sweeter every passing day.  The daughter told me the other day she could not believe how fast they are growing.  I told her to cherish this time because they don't stay little long.
I get to go over and watch them tomorrow and Thursday for a half day while she goes to work.  I have so much fun being around them.  We bought them a couple of baby swings to hang from our big maple tree in the back yard.   They got to try them out Sunday evening after church.  They sure seemed to like them. 
Not much happening here around Ritzywife's home these days.  The rain this year washed out my fishing.  I have been trying to give more attention to my flowers. Besides the two soaker rains, the weather has been pretty decent.  I spend a lot of time out in my swing. 
We have already eaten food from our garden  and it was delicious.  Ate some green beans, squash, potatoes, onions & tomatoes.  YUMMM!!!  The okra is starting to  produce....I love a big pan of okra, tomatoes, potatoes, & onion - coated with corn meal, salt & pepper... with  cooked bacon added and  fried up in the leftover bacon grease.   Oh my...that is one of my favorite meals in the summer....another favorite is BLT's with tomatoes fresh from the garden.  There is nothing like a fresh garden tomato!
Ritzy has already dug our potatoes and pulled the onions.  We had a great onion crop this year, the best ever.........  The potatoes usually aren't ready until the first week in July, but with the unseasonably warm spring here in Oklahoma this year, everything is about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. 
Maybe the warm spring is why those grandsons are growing so well, ya think? haha
It was so wet and now the ground is really dry.  Our grass is already starting to turn brown and it's only June.  Who knows what kind of summer is in store for us this year......guess we will just wait and see....
Ritzywife's parents will be celebrating their 54th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (June 6th)....Wow, that is great.  I wish them a happy day and years to come.  Nowadays you don't see a lot of people in it for the "long haul".  It gets a little rough and they "bail".  When Ritzy and I were married, we said "This is it, forever..."  and we meant it.. Being happy in your marriage doesn't just happen, it takes a lot of work, but it is well worth it all!!!  Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of times that I would like to give Ritzy a piece of my mind and I am sure he feels the same, but we don't make that the focus.  We focus on our love for God &  each other, our kids, & our grandkids... and the rest of our family and friends because in the end that is all that really matters. 
Enough said...............Ritzywife out..............

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