A Sad Post

Posted by: cheryl

Ritzy's Dad passed away Thursday night.  Right now our family which consists of ----Ritzy, myself, our son, our very pregnant (30 weeks with twins) daughter and her hubby----is in Northern Illinois for the night to get rested up to finish the trip to Appleton, Wisconsin tomorrow.  "Dad's" service is Monday morning.  It was a sudden illness.  We are all doing ok.  It has been a long day with all that sitting in the truck.  Only 4 or so driving hours  remaining of the trip.  After the service Monday, the "kids" are planning to leave Tuesday morning and  drive all the way thru without stopping for the night.  It is about 830 miles from our home to Appleton.  That makes for a long one-day trip.   The daughter has a Dr's appointment Wednesday morning that she does not want to miss.   My wish would be for us to travel home together but, we will just have to wait and see. 
I have been pretty busy and no time for "goofing off" on here ;-)
The daughter is doing great and that tummy of hers is beautiful.  Those babies sure are growing and getting active.
Before leaving, I fixed the church bulletin for tomorrow, took care of business for the church.  I even called the preacher and told him that the piano player (Ritzywife) was not going to be at church this Sunday due to these circumstances. Someone else will have to make copies of the bulletin, teach ladies sunday school class, play piano, etc....
I am now sitting in the hotel room, listening to the tv,  and I also hear  Ritzy snoring.........I guess it is time I get some rest also.
Ritzywife out!..............................

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