I Love Being A Grandma!!

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I never knew how wonderful it could be to become a grandparent until it actually happened.  Yeah, I have heard others talk about how wonderful it is but you never really know til it happens to you.  I love spending time with those precious twin grandsons.  I love to watch them, hold them, feed them,  rock them and yes even change their diapers.   They are growing so fast.  They both weigh over 10 lbs now and it is starting to feel like it......I told the daughter and son-in-law that they had better cherish this time because it will go by so fast.  Before long, those boys will  become mobile and start doing things on their own and they won't want to be cuddled and talked to.  I wish I had realized this when Ritzy and my kids were growing up.  It seems like such a short time ago.
Today I was "talking" to them and they were listening, watching and even trying to talk back to me.  It was so sweet.  Tonight the daughter called and I could hear a baby on the phone and I started talking to Calvin, he immediately  got quiet and Keri said he was listening to my voice and trying to make a sound.  I loved it!!
This Sunday is Mother's Day.  I hope everyone tells their mom how much they love her.  Kids and Dads have no clue what it is like to be a mom.  You would do anything in your power for your kids to keep them safe and healthy. 
I finally bought some flowers to plant outside.  Ritzy and I are going to do that tomorrow evening.  I love geraniums, rose moss, petunias, and most perennials.  One of my grandma's always had red geraniums planted and I guess that's where my love for them came from.  The other grandma always had those hen & chicks and I love those too.  The Oklahoma weather the past few days has been absolutely glorious.  The only drawback for Ritzywife has been the lake level.  It is way too high for me to fish in my fishing hole.  I don't know if I will be able to fish anymore this year.  The crappie have usually stopped coming up into where I fish by the end of May.  To catch any throughout the rest of the year a person has to be in a boat to find them.  
Did I mention that I love those grandbabies----always brings a smile to my face............Ritzywife out!

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