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2012 Christmas at Ritzy &  Ritzywife's

For the last week to 10 days I have had a cold.  The past 3-4 days have been the worst.  Today I feel like I am on the mend.  I can actually breath thru my nose, haha!!!
I am still dealing with a nasty/annoying cough tho and it will probably hang on to the bitter end.
The son-in-law had to take Braedy to the ER last nite, it seems that Braedy started feeling bad and started to run a fever and was breathing "funny".  It turns out after testing that he has an ear infection and his breathing was because he just felt so rotten, poor little guy.   I was supposed to watch them yesterday but I was still sick so Keri took off work to stay home with them.  I sure do miss seeing them.  Tonight is Ritzy and my time to have them overnite but I told the daughter that we had better not have them  just yet because of my cough and Braedy's infection.  I am going to watch them tomorrow tho.  I will feel a lot better by then, I am sure.......
I haven't had a cold like this in a couple of years.  I forgot how much I hate the feeling :-(
I have a lot of pecans on the ground and up until today  I haven't even felt like picking them.  I will go out afterwhile and pick them.  I have hardly been on the computer and have had to do a lot of "catch up".  Those who know me know that I am NOT feeling well if those two things are not getting done, haha!!!  See, I have my sense of humor back too.  The other day Ritzy was trying to make me feel better and it just wasn't working, I just wanted to be left alone in a quiet dark house/room to rest......
Today I have finally felt well enough to do my housework....Ritzy will be thankful ;-)
This Christmas season is flying by way too fast.  It's hard to just relax and enjoy it when so much "drama" is going on.  I do not like drama unless it is in a movie!!!!!!!
I have my Christmas shopping 99.9% done, woo-hoo!   I had better get off her and go fix me some lunch so Ritzywife is out!!

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