I've Been A Busy Grandma!!

Posted by: cheryl

Those precious babies were able to go home last Thursday.  On Monday this week I went to spend the week with the daughter, son-in-law and those babies.  I had a wonderful time helping out.  It was such a joy to help take care of them.  They are growing so fast and doing great.

I returned home today and while driving, the son called and asked if I had seen the lake.  He told me that it was up 7 ft. since all this rain started.....and it is still rising.  Well I just got home, Ritzy unloaded some of my stuff and the son and I drove down to look at the "fishing hole".  WOW, the water was up to the road.  We saw some friends who had been there all day and had caught a few crappie.  So........we went back home to get our fishing gear and some bait.  We fished for a couple of hours.  I didn't even get a bite, but the son missed one bite and caught the other.  It was a channel catfish and would have weighed a couple of pounds.  He gave it to someone else fishing down there.  But.....it was so great to be able to be outdoors and enjoy the weather after this past week of rain every day.  I just hope all this water doesn't hurt our crappie fishing over the next month.  We are probably 
going back tomorrow.  There are a few things I have to get done around the house first, tho....
I have a birthday coming up next Saturday.   Ritzy had better come up with something, haha!!!!
I am really tired so I am gonna get some rest.....I now see why we need to have kids at a young age......Grandma Ritzywife out.................

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