Crappie Fishing Here

Posted by: cheryl

Today a friend called and asked if I wanted to go fishing and visit. I did not turn down a chance to fish and visit with a good friend.  I only caught one fish but it was a beauty.  It's only gonna get better for the next couple of months as the crappie get closer to spawning for this spring. 
I did not go down to visit the babies today, but the daughter posts pictures on Facebook every night.  They are changing so much and getting cuter every day.  They may even get to come home by the end of this week.  YIPPEE!!!!! 
They are doing very well. 
I got my share of the sunshine today.  I love the outdoors and listening to the birds and other animals.  I had to bring my friend back to the house to get her car at 4:00 and I stayed there till the son came home and I had to fix supper.  After eating supper, the son and I went back to fishing.  I had left my fishing gear down there because my Aunt was also fishing beside me and she said she would watch it for me.  Well we fished till almost dark and I only ended up with that one fish, they had 2 and another fisherman gave me 1 more fish.  It was a good "mess" for a couple of people.  I cleaned the fish and took them to my neighbor/cousin and her husband.  I hope they like them........
I don't know if I will go to Tulsa tomorrow or not.  Tomorrow nite is church so I will not go's just too much trouble to come home and get cleaned up for church. 
Ritzy and I went down to Tulsa yesterday to take an infant/toddler CPR course.  They recommended anyone watching the babies  know what to do in an emergency.  I think it would do everyone well to know how to help in an emergency situation.  I am glad we did it.
It's getting late and I am tired so Ritzywife is out!

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