We Got Babies!!!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Those precious grandsons were born last night.  I am one happy woman!!!!!  They are so beautiful!!!!

                                                                            Braedy - 5 lbs.
Calvin - 5 lbs. 6 oz.
They were a little early, but are doing very good.  The daughter is doing great.  The boys have to have a little help with air and have not actually eaten yet but that is just because of their age - 34 weeks 3 days.  Keri did a wonderful job and tried her best but these little guys were not waiting.    They looked a lot better today.  The daughter is doing wonderful.  I am so proud of her.  She and her hubby now have their own little family to start all sorts of memories.  This grandma is going to be busy doing a LOT of spoiling and loving on these two little boys.  I can hardly wait to hold them.  That new rocking chair is just sitting there in Ritzywife's living room waiting on them. 
All the excitement last evening sure made for a long night.  I am getting pretty tired and am planning on going back down to Tulsa in the morning with my mom, so I had better get some rest.  I'll keep ya posted.  Ritzywife out.....................

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