My Bad...

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Yeah, I know.... that's another picture of the grandsons (Calvin & Braedy).  I can already see that I am gonna be one of those goofy grandparents that always has a picture "handy" to show off.  I think I love them more each time I see them.  They are just at the age where they can tell that we are talking to them.
They are getting most of my attention and thoughts at the moment.  That other guy around here, uh what's his name..........oh, Ritzy and I are loving being grandparents.  I did not think it was possible for Ritzy to act so silly, but you ought to see him around these two.  He puts on quite a show ;-)

I celebrated my 53rd birthday Saturday.  Got my hair cut, colored ( to get rid of that pesky gray hair that keeps showing up) and Ritzy and I went out for dinner, and most important I was able to spend time with these two little ones while Ritzy mowed the daughter and son-in-law's lawn.  They are just too busy.  I told her that was just fine.  We didn't mind coming over plus it was a good excuse to spend more time with the babies......

My sister-in-law called this morning and invited us over for supper.  We are having enchiladas.  YUMM!!!  I offered to make a peach cobbler so we are gonna have some fine food tonite, haha!..Called the son and told him he better pick himself something to eat on the way home,, but...I would make him his own peach pie for dessert.  I am pretty sure that pie will make up for me not cooking for him.
I can smell those pies cooking now and it smells wonderful.    May have to stop on the way over to brother's house and get some vanilla ice cream to go with that warm cobbler.  YUMM YUMM!!!!

I am not able to get any crappie fishing done because of the lake being up after all that rain we received a couple weeks ago.   It is sure putting a damper on my fun.  The lake is up 8 1/2 feet now and I can't even get to the fishing hole.  It will have to drop at least a foot and a half for me to get down there.  I check the lake levels every day and it seems to be staying the same.

This weather has been great.  I am lovin' it!!!!!  We (Ritzy) will be putting out the tomato and bell pepper plants in a couple of weeks.  It sure is tempting to do it now, but we aren't taking any chances.  This Oklahoma weather can change way too fast.

I am gonna go check on those pies so Ritzywife is out....................................

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