Where Did October Go?!?

Posted by: cheryl

Wow, time sure gets away from you when you are busy.  I have been busy watching grandkids, cleaning house, cooking, going to church,  and whatever else I find to do.  I can hardly believe there is only one more week left in this month.  Geez..... Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here way too soon!!!!
Those grandsons sure are growing like little weeds.  They have been getting up on all fours for the past few weeks.  What is funny is that they don't spend much time on their knees it is their hands and feet they are on and have their little bottoms in the air.    Haven't started crawling yet, but that is in the very near future.  I was watching them today at our house and Calvin needed a diaper change.  After changing his diaper I turned around and did a "double take" because Braedy ( who was on his tummy on the floor when I was changing Calvin) was sitting straight up behind me with a little grin on his face.  I have a feeling he knew he had done something new and special.  I immediately took a picture and called his momma.  I told her I guess he wanted to do it all by himself the first time with no one watching, haha!!!  Well, since that happened this morning he has been trying out his new "skill" all day.  I just texted the daughter to ask if he was showing off and she said he sure was, especially in bed when he was supposed to be asleep.  I told her it was time to lower the mattress in their beds or he would try to escape ;-)
I have a feeling things are going to go in high gear around Ritzywife's home when it comes to trying to keep up the those little "firecrackers"..........
I wasn't sure about our Fall colors here in Oklahoma because of all the dry hot weather but it is turning out to be quite a colorful season.  I even have pecans this year for the first time since the 2007 ice storm that nearly wiped out our 2 papershell trees, along with all the other trees on the property.  The pecans are about half the normal size but at least I have some.
The son and I mixed up some beef jerky tonite.  I have 2 dehydrators going in there now and it has the house smelling wonderful......We put some jalapeno powder and ghost pepper sauce in one batch.  I don't know if I will be brave enough to try that batch, haha.  I told Matt to smell the powder but very easily.  He took a "whiff" and started coughing.. I laughed and told him that he had been warned.  That stuff is strong!!!! A couple years ago we had a bumper crop of jalapeno peppers so I dehydrated some and then ground some of those into a fine powder.  All I can say is that stuff is  "stout"!!!!
My plans are to take it easy tomorrow after the busy weekend, I will just have to see if things go as planned.  With that Ritzywife is out ;-)...............................


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