Anxiety is NO Fun!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Here is is 3 weeks later and I am still having to deal with the anxiety.  I have seen my Dr and he seems to think it was the tremendous stress I was under on or Wisconsin trip.  I have started back on my Lexapro.  I wish it would hurry and kick in.  Have been taking it for 6 days now.  I have had a couple of good days where I felt fine, but the rest of the time it has been rough.  I was able to go with the daughter yesterday to see the babies.  They are beautiful, even on the ultrasound.  She and the babies are doing good.  She found out yesterday that the "feelings" she has been experiencing are Braxton-Hicks contractions.  Her technician pointed out that little fact to her.  I told her that her body is just practicing for the delivery. 
It's really hard to focus on everyday life when a person is going thru this kind of problem.....I spent the whole day outside because I felt trapped and alone in my own home.  Our minds can play tricks on us.  I still think it could be hormonal because of my age.  The Dr wants me back in 2 weeks for a fasting blood test. 
A friend called today and invited me to run around with her tomorrow.  I jumped at the invite......I am looking forward to it.  Was talking to Ritzy tonight and told him how good it felt to have something scheduled to do right now.  I am going with him on Friday to cut wood.  I don't care were I  go, it beats staying home alone at this time. 
One of these days soon I will be back to my "old" self.  And yes I said old..........
And..............Ritzywife is out!!

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