Interesting Evening

Posted by: cheryl

It started out calm enough.  The son and I were fishing, along with some other family members.  After being down there a little while we all heard thunder.  We decided it was going to stay west of us and stayed at the lake.  Well, the fish were not biting, so we came home.  This is where it gets interesting........we saw on the tv that the little bit of thunder we heard was part of a thunderstorm that was turning severe and headed north toward Nowata.  We watched it on tv for a while then the son asked Ritzywife if  I wanted to ride with him across the lake to get a better view of the storm.  It was turning tornadic and near Nowata which is only 15 miles away.  We got into his car and headed west,  After stopping and watching the storm for a while we both decided to head to Nowata to see if we could get a better look.  A lot of people were stopped along the road watching also.  Well, we ended up by the Sonic and was looking at the storm when the son told me that if he had any cash in his wallet he would buy us something........he had left his cash at home.......and Ritzywife did not think to grab her wallet.  So.....there we were, sitting at the sonic with not a cent on us.  It was kind of funny and ironic at the same time.  It was 9 pm and we decided to come back home.  We have been watching the weather ever since.  It is now 11 pm and the weather has broke in and let us know of a new tornado warning west of us.......It's gonna be a long night!!!
The rain we have received in the past few days is gonna ruin our crappie fishing this year I'm afraid.  The lake was just beginning to get to a decent level.....still 2 1/2 feet above normal and rising from the last rain a couple of days ago..... and now it is gonna be on it's way back up even more.  There has been a LOT of rain that has fallen in our county and north of us that is gonna run off into the Verdigris River which is where the Oologah Lake  is located.   Places North of us have gotten anywhere from 5 to 8 inches of rain in the last 24 hours.  WOW!!!!!
Well, I will be here waiting it all out..................Ritzywife out......

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