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Calvin & Braedy
Ritzy & Grandsons

Yeah, that's how I feel after watching 2 - 6 month old boys for 3 days.....and that is with Ritzy's help.  I had gone to the daughter's to watch them Wednesday morning early and ended up staying til 10 that night because her hubby had to work late.  The previous nite she called when the boys were crying and could not get them to stop. they were just tired.  she kept me on the phone for about 40 minutes and i was listening to their crying all that time.  I threatened to come down there but she told me to just stay home, hubby was working late that nite also.  I told her wednesday that I was just going to stay until he got home because I did NOT want another phone call like the previous one on tuesday nite........Ni-maw could not handle that again ;-)
Thursday I had to watch them because their Nana could not.  Thursday was also my night to keep them overnite, so I picked them up about 1 that afternoon and brought them home with me.  I was going to have to keep them all day Friday and  Friday nite  because the daughter and son-in-law were both going to have to work on Saturday.  Even tho they also came out to stay the night, the boys ended up sleeping in Ritzy's and my room because the grown kids were watching a movie in the living room.  After watching them all day Saturday I took them home around 7 that nite.................After all that--this was one tired "Ni-maw"........
Ritzy noticed how much it took to watch those precious babies and he offered to help Friday and Saturday...I am pretty sure he finally realized why I don't get much done when they are at the house, haha.  I love having them tho.  they are at a really fun age.......just starting to laugh and giggle a lot  and move around and try different things.  Saturday it was wonderful outside so i took a blanket out and put the boys on it while Ritzy and I sat there and played with them.  they love being outside!!! can't say I blame them, I love it outside too.  After all that horrible hot weather we are finally experiencing some really decent weather here in Oklahoma.....
After church today two of my niece's kids came home with us for the afternoon.  they are old enough that i don't have to watch them every second, but they still do have to be watched...
I finally got my Fall decorations put out.  I have been so busy I was beginning to think it was never going to get done!!
It is 11:37pm and even tho I am still up, I feel the bed calling. I am about ready to call it a day.  With that Ritzywife is out!

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