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A sad day......It started out ok.  I had just spent the last couple of nights with the daughter and grandsons.  Her hubby was hunting antelope in western oklahoma. (he got one by the way)....
the boys had their 6 month checkup today, which meant shots in both legs.  they really don't care for those :-)
We came back home, fed the boys and ate our lunch around 3 in the afternoon.  I was returning home tonite and the daugher and boys were going to spend the night at my and Ritzy's home.  I left around 3:45 with the boys.  On the way home the weather was horrible.  The wind was crazy and I was fighting to keep the truck on the road in places.  the wind was blowing so bad that i thought i saw smoke south of the power plant at oologah, but as i got closer i realized it was dust blowing off the coal. WOW! on the way home, my son calls me and tells me there is a bad storm in Nowata and if i haven't left yet to just stay put for a while, well it was too late so i kept driving.
we made it home ok, but my patio table and umbrella was on it's side off the patio, limbs down and stuff blowing everywhere.  i had just started to get my house back in order after being gone for a couple of days and i received a call from my sister-in-law who proceeded to tell me that  my aunt, uncle and their great-grandbaby were killed in that storm. I was in shock, and think I still am.  How horrible!!!!  the story is all over the news.  looking at the pictures, i am not sure they even knew what was coming, the house was destroyed, looked like a bomb shattered it, and they were found in a creek east of where the house once stood.  that creek is one we played in when we were kids.  the property belonged to my grandma and grandpa when they were still here , (my aunt's mom and dad)....
well the phone started ringing and people started asking questions and calling to give me information.....after all that.... things finally settled down just about an hour ago. so -  here i sit eating my supper at midnight.  in the middle of all this the boys started getting restless so i had to give them their bath (was going to try to wait on their mom to get here).  gave ritzy a baby and told him to feed the little thing.  the daughter arrived just in time to feed the other one.................which means that i missed out on seeing them at bedtime tonite because of all the commotion going on.  i hope they have a good night's sleep, heck   i hope i have a good night's sleep...right now i am the only one awake in the house.  sitting here thinking about the events of the day and thinking about how quick life can change.  i feel so bad for my 3 cousins for losing both their parents and one cousin in particular who not only lost both his parents but a precious grandbaby also, and for his son who lost a child...... that cousin  and i are only 1 year apart in age and have always been close.
a lot to think about, ritzywife out........................... 

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