A Holiday Without Ritzy........again......

Posted by: cheryl

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day. My mom and dad had a cookout at their house like we always do. It was the last one of the summer. Tho, sometimes we get to craving barbecue later in the fall. Ritzy called just before it was time to eat. It was good to hear his voice. I sure do miss him, especially during a holiday like today. I sit and think about what we would be doing and it makes me sad that he isn't here to enjoy the day with the rest of the family. I guess I was so melancholy today that I had my mom worried. She called later this afternoon and asked if something was wrong because I did not eat in the house with everyone else. (Me, my dad, a nephew and "Sissy" ate outside). To me if you are eating barbecue, you need to be outside ;-)
Anyways, I told her nothing was wrong in particular, I was just missing Ritzy, plus I was outside so Sissy could have someone watching her as she played. The whole day has just been so-so.
I came home around 2 and laid on my bed till 5, mainly cause I was bored.
I got up and went up to mom and dad's to get a fan and chair I had left up there and to help mom clean up the carport. Afterward I asked her if she wanted to go to the sister's with me. We went down there to play with the little ones for a while and left around 7:30.
The daughter is in here now cooking mexican food. It sure smells good, I may have to try it out.........hope she fixed enough ;-)
Gee, I am looking out the window and it is already dark at 8:12pm. I like the long summer days, usually, but this summer I have just been waiting for them to end so Fall could get her and the time would finally come for our Oklahoma troops to return from their deployment.
I don't have much to do this week.
I hope I can get some sleep tonite after doing all that "resting" this afternoon.
I think I am gonna get off here and try some of the daughter's cooking.
Ritzywife is outta here for now.

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