The Army Is Like Oklahoma Weather......

Posted by: cheryl

You have all heard it...if you don't like it, stick around a while, it's guaranteed to change.
Ritzy was supposed to leave Iraq today and go to Kuwait to wait on the rest of the soldiers in his company til after the 1st of October . Well, his leaving has been pushed back a few days, and now the whole company can all leave together a little sooner. That is better I am assuming, because the sooner they all get to Kuwait the sooner they get to head back to the states......
The son and I had fun this evening......NOT!!!!!! We had to replace the drive belt on the Grasshopper mower. What would have probably taken Ritzy a few minutes took me, the son, and the daughter's boyfriend a couple of hours, but---- WE DID IT!!!!!!
He finished mowing the lawn, thank goodness.
I am really missing Ritzy, and am anxious for his return. I am still confused as to how that is going to play out too. I have heard or seen about 2 or 3 different scenarios about when and exactly where that return is going to happen. Won't know til the last minute, I bet. They better get with it, there is not much time left ;-)
All I know is that when I get the call that he is on his flight to Oklahoma, I am dropping everything and jumping in that new truck and going to meet him!!!!!!!!
They had better look out for that red Ford and the woman behind the wheel, hahahaha!!!!!
Just warning ya!!!
I should be in bed, but like I have stated before, this deployment has me keeping strange hours.
I don't have any running around to do tomorrow, so I guess I can stay up a little later.
I am also waiting on some clothes to dry, and I think I just heard the buzzer ;-)
I am getting ready to check and see if Ritzy has emailed me yet. I sent his earlier. So, Ritzywife will catch you later........

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