Made Me Smile!!!!

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Ritzy sent me 4 letters today. This was in one of them. You see, some of the friends and relatives have sent him something to do to "de-stress" him. This picture is especially cute in the fact that he loves to cut wood, and I am sure he can hardly wait to get back and hear the hummmmmm of his chainsaws again.

I was needing a smile today because I was thinking that this being the 2nd of September means that it has been 8 months since I last saw Ritzy. I said good-bye to him on January 2nd, after his 10 day break from training. It was an unusual good-bye. Had to take him to Tulsa at 7am to catch a bus, They were all hurried into a place and I didn't see him again. I didn't even know which bus he left on. Let's just say that was NOT a good day....... It still makes me cry to think about it......He has one more month left of this deployment. I sit and wonder every day how in the world I am going to make it and can't really tell you how I have made it this long. It has not got any easier. I have just shut the feelings down I guess, because sometimes now I just don't or can't feel the way I normally would about different circumstances... To some I may sound weak. Maybe I am, who knows, but I am not going to say everything's been rosy when it hasn't.

Ritzy has had a hard time getting his sleep for some reason, and that has been on my mind a lot too.

I left earlier and just about forgot to finish ;-)

I have sent Ritzy his email, tho I might check to see if he has answered. You see his day is just starting as mine is ending. Dealing with the time difference is not easy to get used to.

I fixed Dorito Casserole tonite, the daughter and her boyfriend were just fine with it, but that son just had to ask what was in it. I told him and he about had a fit when he learned there was cream of mushroom soup in it. Guess he doesn't like the mushrooms. Well he can pick them out or fix his own supper!!!! I think he ate them anyways. One of these days he will move away and realize he had it made with "Mama's" home cookin'..........................

I have to get up fairly early in the morning, I have some running around with my Mom and Sister to do. Better get the hair fixed and the "face paint" on so I don't scare anyone with the natural "beauty"! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

I am outta here.........for now

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