Dreary Day Here in Oklahoma.....

Posted by: cheryl

The remnants of Hurricane Gustav decided to visit the Sooner State today. Made for a soupy day outside. Cooler temperatures too!!!
I was telling the daughter's boyfriend that the change in our weather right now is ususally what Ritzy and I experience when we go visit his family in Wisconsin this time of year.
My sister and I went to Tulsa with Mom. She had a Dr's appointment. After that we ate lunch at Pizza Hut, then we went to the hospital to visit our cousin. He seemed to be doing ok. We left there and were on our way home.
On Wednesday's I ususally don't fix supper because there isn't time to clean up the kitchen before church. But............the daughter asked if I had the "stuff" for chili. I said I would look. Somehow I ended up making a pot of chili before church. Didn't even eat any myself. The kids said it was good tho.......
I am sitting here eating cheese and crackers for my supper ;-)
Ritzy called just as we were pulling into the Pizza Hut parking lot. I went into the building talking on the phone. I filled my salad bowl while talking. Told the waitress I wanted tea, while talking......Mom explained to her that I was on the phone with my hubby who is in Iraq. The waitress was so nice, she brought me tea without me asking, a to-go cup and a box to take home some food because mom and the sister were finished by the time I got off the phone. They told me to go ahead and finish my lunch, so I did. I grabbed my ticket and mom was looking for it, I told her I had it and she told me to give it up..........almost 50 and still gotta obey the parents. guess you never outgrow that, huh???
Anyway as we were at the counter, that waitress told me they were thankful for our soldiers, she also told me that when Ritzy gets home that we could come in there and the meal would be free. That just made my day. It is so good to see people recognize and appreciate what our military families are going thru.
I have one more day of "rest" before the daughters gall bladder surgery Friday. I better enjoy the peace and quiet tomorrow, hahaha!!!!!!!
I still have to send Ritzy his daily "report" , so Ritzywife is out for now.............

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