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Sorry there is no picture. The kids ate it up as fast as I could get it out of the oven. The son, daughter, daughter's boyfriend, and neice were here tonite for supper. I have been telling the daughter's boyfriend that I could actually make homemade lasagna, so today I bought the ingredients so I could make it tonite. It sure was good..........Sure beats Stouffer's ;-)
I have had a pretty busy day. Had to run to Vinita to do some business, came home and started supper. But, before going to town I waited on Ritzy's call so I would not be distracted when talking to him. I sure do miss him, and this waiting is so hard.
Tonight after supper I had some business to take care of for the church, then get all my bills paid for the month. That is a job in itself.........
I have to go buy groceries tomorrow,,oh joy!!!!! NOT!!!!!
I think that is my least favorite housekeeping job, ranks right up (or down) there with cleaning the toilets ;-)
The son mowed the lawns tonight, they look good.......Boy, this week the heat has returned to Oklahoma.........As far as I am concerned it can just go back to where it came from. I am ready for some cooler weather...........
All my friends can't believe it when I tell them that I keep it at around 65 degrees in the house all the time. I say: What's the use of having an air conditioner if you aren't going to use it????
I think I about freeze the kid's friends and cousins out of here.....................which could be my plan in the first place...I'll never tell ;-)
I can finally count on one hand the number of weeks Ritzy has left in Iraq. I guess that should make me feel better, but, sometimes I still think that this is never going to end.
I still haven't emailed him yet, so I guess it's time to depart here and email my husband and fill him in on what happened in this part of the world today.
I'm outta here for now........

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