Daughter's Surgery

Posted by: cheryl

Today was the day that the daughter had her gall bladder surgery at Tulsa. Had to have her down there at 9:30. Everything went well. The Dr. told me that she is going to feel a LOT better now that that thing is gone. I guess it was inflamed. I told him she had been having trouble for the last 4-5 years. He said he believed me by the way it looked. After returning home, her boyfriend watched her while I had to go to Vinita to get her some pain pills, and a few things for her to eat while she is recuperating.......
She is laying on the couch watching tv right now.
Ritzy called while she was in surgery. He had some good news. He gets to leave Iraq a little sooner than we expected. YIPPEE!!!!!!! I know he still has to wait in Kuwait, but at least he is out of Iraq........
I am going to REST tomorrow!!!! Gonna try anyways, we will see how that goes. The daughter's boyfriend is spending the night and taking care of her, which I think is so sweet. But......he has to work tomorrow and with him gone guess who gets to attend to her "needs". You guessed it.......Mama!!!!!!!!
It was a beautiful day here in NE Oklahoma. It started out pretty foggy tho. Sure was fun driving to Tulsa in that stuff ;-) But by noon it was clear and sunny with a cool breeze. Sumthin' tells me Fall is not too far away!!!
I still have a few things to take care of tonight, like doing a load of laundry, emailing Ritzy, etc....So I am gone for now...................

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