Ritzy is FINALLY in Kuwait !!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I got a phone call this morning from Ritzy informing me that he had safely arrived in Kuwait. YEA!!!!!! Now, at least he is officially on his way home. Who knows how long it will take....The army sure does not get in a hurry about anything.. He has to use the AT&T international phone cards so our time on the phone was limited to only 10 minutes. He has 2 cards that I had sent to him, but we were trying to save the minutes since each card only carries 20 minutes. A person would think these calls would be free for our soldiers........
Hopefully he is out of there and on his way back to the United States before those cards run out. If needed, the USO hands out free cards also, and this armywife sure appreciates that......
I think these days seem to be going by even slower that all the rest from the past year.
I visited my sister (Nana) tonite. "Sissy" was down there. I went early enough so she and I could spend some time outside. She had fun running around chasing the cats and dogs. I showed her something pretty gross tho. One of the cats was eating something and I realized it was a frog. There was just a leg and part of it's body left. I told her to look and she made a funny face and said eeww!!!! She just about picked it up when I stopped her. This child is a tomboy for sure ;-)
It started getting dark and the mosquitos started eating on me so it was time to go inside. Big brother asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him and since it was only 7pm I said sure. So "Bubba", Sissy, and I watched "Fantastic 4". A pretty good movie. I believe it was the 2nd one.
I had not seen it yet. After the movie I decided it was time to go. This was the boy's night to spend the night with Nana, so I dropped "Sissy" off at her house. The first thing she said when she got in the truck was " "wanna go to your house?"........ I told her I didn't think so........not used to having a 3 year old around the house.....anyway I am not sure she would stay long before she said either "momma's house or Nana's house"........
I already sent Ritzy an email, although I am not sure if he will be able to access the internet while in Kuwait. I have some business to take care of tomorrow, so I had better call it a day.
Ritzywife is out, til later..........

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I was reading your Blog and I do know what you are going through. my husband and I got married when he was on leave this April. He is also in the Oklahoma National Guard he left today to come home. I could not be more happy this has been one of the longest years of my life. I saw the pictures of the going away cermony that you have so Im guesing that your husband left last October 18. I have heard that they are bring the guys back to Oklahoma City for the coming home cermony i have heard that it will be held at a Church but i just dont know if it will be next Saturday or Sunday. Its keeping me on the edge of my seat. But I just wanted to say thank you & God Bless... Whitney ARMY Wife

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