This Was A Fine Day In Oklahoma........NOT!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

Let's see, how do I describe it???? Blah, boring, yuk........yup that will work.......Here in Oklahoma we are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. It was dark, cloudy and rainy all day......What a way to spend a Saturday.....I was so bored I took a nap from 2-5pm. Don't let Ritzy know........Oh yeah, earlier he told me he did the same thing, so he better not say a word ;-)
Right now the son and the future son-in law are in the living room playing Call of Duty.....Just wonderful.....instead of being on the same team they are fighting each other.......and it sounds like they are liking it.....
Looks to be "soupy" tomorrow too. This has been a crazy weather year here in this part of the state. I am almost afraid to see what winter is going to bring.
Ritzy is almost finished with this deployment and ready to begin his trip home. We sure do miss him. I just want to take a moment and thank all of our soldiers and especially our Oklahoma National Guard. We have prayed and thought about you always this past year. Have a safe trip home!!!!!!!
This being Saturday night means I still have to study my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. I still have to send Ritzy his "daily report"...although there ain't much to report from here today......
Oh, well I guess everybody needs a slow day like this once in a while.
Unless I think of something "wonderful" to write, Ritzywife is out for now ;-)

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