Late Night........

Posted by: cheryl

It's actually early morning. The daughter and I are still up at 1am. She came in here cause she could not get comfortable in her bed. She is still recovering from her surgery. Who knows why I am still up....... It's been this way for the last year, with Ritzy gone on this deployment.
I was making her birthday card when she came in here. I told her she was supposed to be asleep. Well I got the card finished anyways. Her birthday is today September 9.
I was getting kind of hungry but was not going to do anything about it til she said she wanted a piece of key lime pie. I thought that sounded pretty good. So, here we are at 1am in the morning eating pie together. It sure is good.
It is so hard to believe she is 22 years old today. Where did the time go????
Then, I sit here waiting on the end of Ritzy's deployment and time can't go by fast enough......What's with that?????
I sure hope I get to feeling sleepy soon. ( I am sure that pie is not helping , haha!!) I have already emailed Ritzy. I just checked to see if he had answered and I guess he has not had time to email me back.
The weather is supposed to cool off here for tomorrow. Sure can start to feel Fall in the air.........
This year, to me Fall means Ritzy returns home, yea!!!!!!!!!
I really need to get off here and get some rest. Ritzywife will catch you later...........................

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