Daughter's Birthday

Posted by: cheryl

Today was the daughter's 22nd birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I was not going to cook because I wasn't sure if her and the boyfriend were doing anything for her special day. She decided she did not feel like going out, so we had pizza. Granny fixed her a strawberry jello cake - her favorite. The boyfriend got her the puppy("Senor",a male) in her left hand. The other chihuahua, "Roo" (a female) is the one she got when she graduated 4 years ago.

You have to understand, I am not fond of animals in the house & Ritzy sure isn't fond of animals in the house!!!! Anyways, now I have 2 of them. I was tolerating 1 pretty well, but we'll see how 2 goes........She has to keep them in a pen in her room. I will not let them go free in the house..........Some people may think I am too picky, but too bad.....it's a free country ;-)
After eating pizza and cake at Granny's we went down to my sister's house cause she also fixed the daughter a cake.....WOW!!!!!
Her recovery from surgery is coming right along. She is getting a little better as each day passes.
Talked to Ritzy today. He is pretty bored now, just waiting for the time to come when he leaves Iraq. Won't be too long at all........I will be so glad to have him back home!!!!
Worked most of the day on our monthly church report. That is always a lot of fun....not!!!!!!!
I still have to email Ritzy, and the poor little brain is telling me it's been overworked today, so I am outta here for now............

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