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Bet I scared ya, huh ??????

Hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween.

Ritzy's and my stay here in Wisconsin is just about over. We head back to Oklahoma in the morning. It has been good to spend time with his parents and visit the rest of the family. We are anxious to get home and Ritzy is anxious to get back to work. It will be "fun" getting back into a "routine" after having him gone for the last year. It still doesn't seem normal to have him around. I asked him the other night if he missed Iraq and he said "kind of".......that made me sad but I understand that he has just spent the last year there and I realize it is gonna take a while for him to get used to calling our home -- "home" again, (instead of his pod in Iraq).

We haven't done much of anything today, trying to rest up for that long drive back.

It is now 4pm at"Mom & Dad's" and the 'trick or treaters' should be showing up here anytime. They have a specific time to do this here. (from 4-7). So, I sit here in the dining room waiting to see who or what shows up at the door.......Dad is waiting with candy in hand....

Ritzy has taken the truck out to fill up with gas and get it ready for the drive tomorrow. We have almost everything packed inside.

It was a very nice day here today, sunshine, no wind & mild temps. It figures, we leave and the weather turns off nice.

Ritzywife is out for now and will catch up later. I gonna get prepared for that trip home with Ritzy.

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