Still Waiting On That Call......................

Posted by: cheryl

That about sums it up for the day.. I still have not heard from Ritzy since 3pm Tuesday when he informed me that they had landed in the U.S. I thought " Ok he will be able to call me each day and night if he wants and we can keep up on what is going on." It sure looks like I was wrong.
I know they are probably busy with paperwork and meetings and stuff, but, geez this is crazy.
I got information today online from our FRG (Family Readiness Group) about when some of the units are to FINALLY fly to Oklahoma. But.......I won't believe anything I see until I hear the information from Ritzy with my own 2 ears!!!!!!
I sure hope he calls soon, this waiting is not's not that I am worried, I just want to hear Ritzy's voice and tell him how much I love and miss him......
Ritzywife is thru with thinking for the day and out of here for now..........(your mind takes you to strange places when you let it think too much) I am thru wondering what the heck is going on for the night. Tomorrow is the same story, different chapter all over again........

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