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Posted by: cheryl

I know it has been a while, but I am still here. Ritzy and I are still in Wisconsin visiting family. He and a sister and their Dad are at the hospital right now because his father has to have an ateriogram this morning. It will tell the doctors which action or choices are available for "dad's" foot or leg. The foot doesn't look very good and is causing Dad a LOT of pain. I just hope they come up with a solution fast!!!!
This test starts at 10, although he had to be there at 8am and will take 8 hours counting recovery time. Ritzy drove the truck so he could leave if he wanted. During Dad's recovery time (4-6 hours) there isn't much Ritzy can do, so he may be back here at the house.
I am staying with "Mom".......not much to do except wait......
I told dad last nite to tell those doctors if they didn't do something fast ---- "heads were gonna roll" ;-)
It is going to be hard for Ritzy to leave for home in a couple of days. Not sure if we will know by then what is going to take place with Dad's health. Oh well, we have decided that if we are needed that we will just head back to Wisconsin. That's about all we can do at the moment.
The kids are holding down the homefront, anyways that's what they tell me, hahaha. I hear from at least one of them every day.
Well, Ritzywife is gonna have another cup of coffee and try to wait patiently on news from Ritzy. Out for now........

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