Welcome Home Ritzy!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

I have waited a long time to be able to post this message. Ritzy returned home last nite. The family was all there to welcome him. After a few miutes everyone left. It was hard to believe it but he was finally home. I kept trying to tell myself this was not a dream but it was really happening. We had some running around to do today and it sure was a whole lot more fun doing it with Ritzy than having to do all that running by myself.

Looks like we got to hang around here for a couple of days before we can start that trip to Wisconsin.

Our church is having a party for him tonight. That ought to be fun. After all the running was finished and we returned home, he has been outside the rest of the time piddling, and just doing what he wants.

It will be time for him to come in to get ready for church soon. I already told both kids if they want anything to eat tonite they had better come to the church, or they were on their own for supper ;-)

How else can I say it except to say that :"Ritzywife is happy and so thankful to have Ritzy back home!!!!!"

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