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Posted by: cheryl

After Ritzy's call telling me he was in the United States yesterday I was so happy. I am still happy that he is here, but..........I have not heard from him since and that was at 3 yesterday afternoon. I am wondering "what the heck?".........I thought when he returned that he would be able to call. I know they are busy, but there should be time to make a call. I know my hubby and he would be calling if he were able. So, today I have been kind of anxious for the phone to ring and him be on the other end. The phone has rung all right, but of all those calls, he was not there. I still don't know exactly when he will be flying to Oklahoma.......I would appreciate a little 'information'........
I have been in contact with other Oklahoma National Guard wives and hopefully between all of us we can contribute enough info that we can "kind of " figure out what is goin on.
All I know for certain is the fact that we are ready to have our husbands back home!!!!!!!
This is about all Ritzywife has thought about for the day, all day!!!

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Hey, could you do me a huge favor and copy and paste me what you have read about the guys flying back to oklahoma from the FRG. I dont have an FRG account i do know that there are two ceramonys one monday i but i dont have more then that... Thanks a bunch whitney

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