Home Sweet Home!!

Posted by: cheryl

Ritzy and I finally made it back to Oklahoma......we are glad to be back home. Although we found out tonight that Ritzy's dad had to be taken to the hospital at 3:30 this morning. He will probably be there for a while. His mom will need someone to stay with her because of her own health reasons. It seems we could have stayed longer, but oh well if needed we will go right back up there. Ritzy has been busy piddling around the house. He went into work for a little while today. He cannot start til next week because of active duty orders. They are having something for him tomorrow so we will go back. We have to buy groceries (OH JOY)..........i hate doing that......I spent today getting my house back in order. I still have to fix the church report before Wednesday. Looks like I am gonna be busy the next couple of days .......
We are having really beautiful weather right now, but something tells me we better enjoy it while it lasts.
Finally!!!!!!..................the election is tomorrow. NO MORE POLITICAL ADS !!!!!!!!!! (for a little while anyways)
Ritzywife is gonna go try and get rested up for another busy day .........catch you later.........

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