BACK IN THE U.S.A. !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

YEA !!!!!!! I was on my way home from town today and my phone rang, I have a radio/cd player that has bluetooth so instead of grabbing my phone I just talk thru the radio. Don't ask me to explain it....I just do it.......
Anyways, there is no caller id on the radio so I never know who is calling. When I "answered" it was Ritzy's sweet voice. He was letting me know that they had landed in Maine and would be taking off for Ft. Bliss in the next hour. I was ectstatic!!!!!! I got home and looked up his flight and sat and worked around my computer for 4 hours tracking that flight. It just helped knowing where he was and that he was on his way to being able to come home.....
I got very little sleep last nite, wondering what was happening.
My mom was with me when I got the call and she and I were very happy. We had stopped earlier to see that brand new great-nephew. Oh My Gosh....... He is a doll!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!! I even got to hold him. Forgot my camera, tho.........That is definitely one kid that is going to get spoiled.
Now all I have to do is wait til I hear when I can go to Oklahoma City to get Ritzy and bring him home!!!!!! This deployment is winding down, FINALLY. I never thought the day would get here. I can hardly wait to see my hubby, I miss him so much. We should be able to talk more now at least, that is if he can find a phone......His cell phone "died" in Iraq. He didn't use it there, he was just plugging it in to see if it still worked after all these months and it would not come on. I have already bought him a new one, but he did not want me to send it so he will be using those AT&T calling cards. I went online and purchased a lot of minutes for him to use, so we should be ok.
Thinking about our soldiers and how the weather change is going to affect them. Going from 120 degree heat to barely in the 70's, they are going to "freeze"........
I hope to get some better sleep tonite, unless I am too excited. Geez, if it ain't one thing- it's another.
Let's get some NORMAL going on here ;-)
That's about all I have for the night.
Ritzywife is out of here!

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