Finally....A Call

Posted by: cheryl

This morning my cell phone rang, I looked at the number and saw that it was a number that I was not familiar with, so I thought....... YES!!!!!!!
It was Ritzy. He was telling me that the phones were down and that he could not call. He was calling on a DSN phone. He was also able to confirm when he would be leaving for Oklahoma....
After waiting all these months I will finally get to see Ritzy next Tuesday.
This is going to be the longest weekend ever!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to seeing my "honey". I was telling my sister about when the ceremony is and I informed her that it would be 10pm or after when we would arrive at home. Since that was the case I mentioned that I don't know when I would be able to put up the "WELCOME HOME" banner that I had made cause he could not see it. She told me not to worry cause her hubby and son-in-law have these REALLY bright spotlights and some fireworks just waiting on Ritzy's homecoming. I said "Go for it!" The neighbors might not appreciate it, but this time they can just get over it ;-)
I have a feeling the whole darn family will be in our yard waiting on us next Tuesday when we come around that last corner........
I guess the soldiers should be finished with all the required "stuff" and now for the next 3 days they are just passing time waiting for their flights back to Oklahoma......
Ritzywife is going to try and wait patiently these last few days on Ritzy's return........

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IM happy that you got your phone call. I was very lucky and got my husbands cell turned back on early. i dont get to talk to him but i do get the ocational text. This is going to be a long weeked i get to pick up matthew on monday and i cant sleep, eat or anything. im so nervouse about seeing him. It will be the best day of my life.

I have a qestion? I got to OKC today to check out the church and so I did not have to travel the day of. I did not see any sings or any thing pointing where to go and park not a thing. So I drove around for a lil bit to see if I could find any and NOTHING? if you hear any thing please send me a message. me and a few other wifes are in the dark. its a very nice church they have big banners and sings saying "welcome Home THUNDERBIRDS" every where its going to be a nice cermony. well talk to you later I just want to say think you for all the help that you have given me over the past two week. Don't know what i would have done.. Thanks again and safe driving to OKC on tuesday :-)

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