New Truck!!!!!!

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I told Ritzy last fall when we were pretty sure he was going to be deployed that if it happened I was going to get a new vehicle out of it. You see, the daughter has taken over my car, which I loved, for the past 2 years. Since Ritzy has been gone I have driven his Ford truck (which is in front of this one)......We were going to wait until he got home to make the purchase, but he told me the other day that he did not want to deal with it and if I wanted I could go ahead and buy one. He didn't have to tell me twice ;-)

I told him THANKS for the Anniversary Present..hahahaha!!!!!!!!!
It basically looks just like his which is a 2004 model, and this one is a 2008 model. I researched online, found a dealer close to home, knew what I wanted and went "locked & loaded" to buy this truck. It was the easiest car buying experience I have ever gone thru!!!!!!!

The salesman said he wished everyone would come as prepared as I was Thursday.

I know the picture could be better, but I have been extremely busy the past couple of days and I will get a decent picture pretty soon.

The nephew and I went to the movies this afternoon to see the movie: "The Mummy" I must say it was a really good picture. We both enjoyed it. On the way to the movie I told him that he was the "first passenger" to ride in his Aunt's truck. He thought that was pretty cool. Afterward I went to Best Buy to get a cd/player deck and have it installed in the new truck. It came "armed" with only a radio, but it had the more important features I wanted that the others did not have.

A couple of them being an automatic transmission and cruise control. YEA !!!!!!! I don't have to shift gears anymore...........I don't mind a standard transmission, but they are a pain in city driving. And when I first started driving Ritzy's truck, my leg would get a cramp because I was so used to using the cruise control on my car. Don't have to worry about that now. haha!!!

This truck also has small doors that open up to make it easier to utilize the space behind the seat. This will be the truck we take on our trip to Wisconsin when Ritzy gets released from this deployment. I can hardly wait........I told him he was going to have fun driving this one. It also has split seats and adjustable back. I can just lay over there and snooze away while Ritzy keeps it between the ditches ;-) The only thing left to do is install some "steps" so getting in and out will be a little easier. I have already bought them and made a "deal" with the nephew's dad to get that little job done.

Guess this is all for now, better leave some thinkin' for another day

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