WOW, what is that little orange thing I see in the sky?!?!?

Posted by: cheryl

It has been pretty "gloomy" here in this part of Oklahoma the past few days. Toward late afternoon the sun finally showed itself. It's about time. I hate cloudy days......
Yesterday on top of it being cloudy, Ritzy called and before we could end our conversation their phone system went down. That makes for a "sad" feeling the rest of the day when that happens. I do not like not getting to tell Ritzy that I love him and to take care and have a good night......
Thank goodness he was able to call today. He has had some rough days this past week. I always pray for and think about him.
The son got home from work tonite, I just about had supper ready and he said he was going to mow tonight. It is 8:50pm and he just came inside. He had just gotten started, I heard the lawnmower pull up to the back door and he came in . It seems a wasp had just stung him. I mixed up some baking soda and water and put it on the sting, covered it with a bandage and he went back outside. He said gee, it's been a long time since he'd been stung ;-)
I don't care how old a person is, it still hurts !!YEOW!!
That brother-in-law has gotten stung by red wasps and bees this year. The wasps are trying to take up residence on his house and he was in the hayfield when the bees got him. !!!!!OUCH!!!!!!
I guess I had better get some spray and try to show those darn wasps they are not welcome at my house. hahaha!!!!
I got out there and used the weed-eater and leaf blower. I cut some low-hanging limbs so they would not be in the son's way. It wasn't too bad outside. We have had some pretty decent weather the past couple weeks here in Northeast Oklahoma, can't complain..
I feel bad when Ritzy tells me how hot it is over there ;-(
These days waiting for this deployment to be over are going by soooooooooooooo slow!!!!
I miss Ritzy!!!!!!!
I still have to email him so I better go for now.....hope to see more of that sunshine tomorrow........

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