Emotionally Drained....

Posted by: cheryl

Yup, that pretty much describes how I am feeling these days. The countdown is on for the end of Ritzy's deployment. I have about had it. I can't begin to imagine how Ritzy feels....
I just want this to be OVER!!!!!!
I have been pretty busy the past few days... Went to town today to buy "Sissy's" Birthday present. She will be 3 tomorrow, but her party isn't until Saturday at Nana's. She wanted a tent, so of course that's what I got her. Got her a little rocking chair that sits low to the ground so she can sit in it and play that DS that her Nana is getting her. I already warned big brother that his skinny little butt had better stay out of the chair ;-)
I have a "yellow ribbon" reintegration meeting to attend Saturday before the birthday party, so that means my Saturday is pretty well filled. Supposed to be at the meeting at 9 and it is over at 3. Sissy's party starts at 6. Whew!!!!!!!
Back to the way I have been feeling......one minute I'm thinking gee, only a few more weeks til Ritzy leaves Iraq, and the next minute I wonder if the date will ever get here!!!!!! This goes on every day, all day long.......The range of emotions I am going thru is about to wear me out........You would think I would have it under control by now, but I have to say I have never had "it" under control. Only God has gottten me thru this.........plus going to see that great-neice and great-nephew ;-)
I have been trying to get to bed earlier, at least before midnight, and it has worked a couple of times. This hot weather isn't helping anything either.......I almost feel like I don't have the right to complain about the hot weather here in Oklahoma when it is only 120-130 degrees where our soldiers are.
Ritzy was telling me today that he is tired of being hot, and he ready to come home..... I sure do miss him ;-(
It is 10 pm and the daughter is in here cooking brownies.....these kids sure keep strange hours. She even has to go to work in the morning. She and a friend just got thru eating a steak dinner. I would just have to plan on staying up all night if I ate something like that this late at night...hahaha!!!
I must say that those brownies sure are smelling good.......
I went up to my parent's house tonite and Dad was at the door when I came in and told me I needed to take that new truck back to town to get a trailer hitch put on it so it could be used to haul hay...........sorry, Dad......not with my new truck. ....he was laughing when he said it ;-)
The first "job" this truck is going to do is get Ritzy and I to Wisconsin after he returns home. I am so looking forward to that trip.......I love my kids and family, but I can't wait to get away with Ritzy so we can just enjoy one another's company ...............
I still have to send Ritzy that daily "report"...... so I'm outta here.......................

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