How I Feel......

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Those two little words pretty much say it all as to how I feel about Ritzy.
This was the card he sent for our anniversary a couple weeks ago. He told me there were no anniversary cards at the px so he picked this one. What he wrote on the inside was really sweet, sorry you don't get to see that ;-)
The final few weeks of this deployment seem to be dragging by. I hate it!!!!!
The daughter just called and told me she was on her way home from work. Told her to be careful. After working a full day, she had to stay for 4 hours to wait on a machine to finish it's job so she could finish. That is supposed to be someone else's job, but she got stuck with it......
Told her I am not sure I would put up with that much longer. Yesterday, and this was not the first time, she worked her normal hours, got off at 5 then came home (40 miles) then had to be back down there at midnight to take a product out of the machine and clean machine and product. She got back home at 3:30 this morning. Then was expected back at 8 am. I told her to go in later, which she did. Someone does not know how to plan, or this would not be necessary. It is dangerous to drive when you are sleepy, and also dangerous to work around that machinery when you are tired.
Something had better change. I usually don't interfere with my kid's jobs, but I am going to suggest that she find another job.
School is about to start here. I was kidding that nephew tonite that he only had one more day of "freedom". He will be in 2nd grade this year.
I still have to send Ritzy his email, before I forget what I was going to tell him ;-)
Maybe tomorrow will be better......................

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