Daughter's New Truck

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The daughter bought her a new truck yesterday. Nice, huh??? She had better like it cause she gonna have it for a while. ;-) You will notice Ritzy's "farm truck - 'little red'". He has had that truck since 1996 when he bought it new. I don't think he will ever part with it. He will drive his Ford when he wants but he likes driving the little nissan.
The daughter has hit a deer with it, run it off in the ditch when there were snowy roads and it has still survived.
She told me something interesting today: "you know mom, when you are paying for your own vehicle you look at it different, makes you care about it more" I said, ya think?????"now do you understand why I was concerned about you driving my car these past 3 years. she finally gets it.........

I saw something yesterday on my way home from town and..... No, I don't have a picture of it.....As I was driving home from town yesterday, I noticed an older Ford truck with it's hood up parked beside the highway about 1/2 mile away. There was a car parked behind it. Just as I was getting closer all of a sudden the motor shoots out fire and a big fireball goes to the side toward the ditch and another one shoots out in front of the truck. There were 2 people that I could see get out. I slowed way down and just about the time I got to the truck the smoke was so thick you could not see. It looked as if everyone was ok. I called 911 and asked if anyone called it in and they had not. I did not stick around to see what happened after that. I was sure wishing I had that camera on me. Where is that darn thing when you need it???????? Guess a person needs to carry one all the time. Of course I have the one on my phone, but I am just beginning to know how to use it after having it for nearly a year ;-)

Ritzy called this morning. He has been cut to 8 hour shifts for the remainder of this deployment. I asked if he was going to get bored and he just laughed.....This is to allow the replacements to start learning and doing their job.

I had a LOT of running to do yesterday, which means I am doing NOTHING today......which is fine by me.
Just sitting here watching people come and go at the convenience store across the road. There are a lot of boats being taken to the lake today.
I like watching people, they are fun or funny to watch..........whichever way you want to put it.
I guess that's all for now, I still have to send Ritzy his daily email. Gee, this time waiting for him to finish this deployment is going by so slow!!!!!!!

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