What A Day!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

The day started out ok I guess. Ritzy called and we were talking, I told him that me and the son were going to go outside and work on the drain for the washing machine line.
He was talking and said: "By the way, on those pictures you sent of your truck I noticed the trash cans in the garage were a little full." Leave it to Ritzy to notice the trash cans instead of the new truck!!!!!! ;-)
I told him it was kind of funny he mentioned that because me and the son were going to clean out the garage after fixing the drain line. So, don't worry your poor little head about it, Ritzy, hahaha!!!!
I even took pictures to email Ritzy to "prove" that we cleaned ;-)
We started on the drain around 11 this morning, got that finished, started on the garage which we finished cleaning at 4 pm this afternoon. The only break was about 30 minutes for lunch. I noticed the guy at the store was smoking ribs today so I went over there and bought a rib dinner for each of us. Was pretty good!!!!
We got 4 vehicles in that garage right now and there is probably room for 2 more. It's a big one.
Was a pretty productive Saturday around here, and my poor body is feeling it now. I was so dirty that I washed my hair and took my bath at 6 this evening. It felt soooooo good to get all that junk washed off!!!!
The daughter was inside cooking supper. Lasagna and garlic bread. She did a very good job.
The son is now outside shooting some fireworks we found in the garage, and the daughter and a neice and the daughter's very good friend (I'll put it that way) are in the living room watching NASCAR. ((((B O R I N G !!!!!!!!))))
I have told the daughter's friend that he will never get me interested in racing. hahahaha!!!!!!!
Ritzy is missing out on all this fun stuff happening. I sure miss him when things like this need to be taken care of.....
We have managed to get by so far with his being gone, although it has not been easy. But,,,, I keep telling myself - only a few more weeks to go.
It looks as if I get the pleasure of cleaning the kitchen tonite, don't think I am gonna be able to pry those young adults away from that race.......
I still have to send Ritzy those pictures, clean my kitchen and study my Sunday School Lesson for tomorrow so, Ritzywife is out for now.......

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