Ritzy's Call.....

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I just finished my phone call with hubby. It is so hard to think about what you want to say when you know there is a time limit on the call. I wonder- "did I say everything that needed to be said?" Hanging up or ending the call is one of the hardest things I have to deal every time I talk to Ritzy during this deployment. We say our "I Love You's" , "Have a good day/good night".........but I always wonder if I forgot to say something important.......

Like I have already said, this deployment is about to "eat my lunch"!!!!!!

A "very good" friend of the daughers's is having a "port" taken out today. My thoughts are with him also. He found out he had cancer last year before Christmas, but Praise God , after surgery and chemotherapy the cancer is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The daughter and he are very close, which is fine with me. He is a fine young man.

We treat him like family, which in this family means he gets teased and laughed at...We believe in having fun.................I warned him that we were "crazy" and liked to have fun......He said that was just fine with him. I told him that if he didn't get "ribbed" he should be worried.

He just blends right in ;-)

Our church supper is tonite and I have to start preparing something for that pretty soon.

Guess I need to grab a bite for lunch too.

Well. I got thru the day, went to church. Fixed beans and cornbread. One lady at church said that she liked chocolate cake with her beans, so I fixed a chocolate cake also. She was sitting beside me tonite eating her cake and beans and told me I ought to try it. I told her that it just didn't look right to be eating anything but cornbread with my beans. Maybe another time.......
I don't care for chocolate cake anyways, maybe that's the reason I could not picture eating that with my beans. Who knows????

I have sent Ritzy his daily email and I am about ready to check to see if he has returned a message. After that I am going to bed. I getting tired.
Have a couple of errands to run tomorrow.

The daughter has to be at work at 4 in the morning. YUK!!!!!!! That's still the middle of the night to me. She went to bed early, hope she gets some rest. The good thing is she gets off work at noon.
I do not like getting up before the sun rises. There ought to be some kind of law against that ;-)
I am outta here for now, we'll see what tomorrow brings..........................

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