Look What I Won Today!!!!

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Aren’t they pretty?!? Today I attended a meeting/luncheon for ladies in the Agriculture field at Cowboy Junction near Vinita. Since Ritzy works for the USDA helping farmers and ranchers, his office said I was more than welcome to come. I am so glad I did. I am guessing there were nearly 100 ladies present.   The information, entertainment, food and fellowship was wonderful.  After the entertainer "Willamae" finished her skit , which was about how the women are the backbone of the farm family and how it is to deal with husbands and kids, there was an older lady that asked if she could comment afterward and they said sure.  She said that after hearing all that  "Willamae" had to say about the life of a farm wife, that she was so thankful for her life.  "Willamae"  asked her to elaborate and we were all expecting this serious answer when the lady said ---- After hearing all this I am just so  thankful that I do not have a husband or kids!"  Everyone just busted out laughing...........including "Willamae"..... 
 There were a LOT of door prizes and this was the last one to be given out. I could hardly believe I was hearing my name. Ritzy is also known as “Pondman” at his USDA job. The young woman handing out the prize said – “Oh, Pondman’s wife gets these, haha…”

I cannot believe what just happened as I was typing this. My son, who is in the kitchen getting his lunchbox ready for tomorrow just threw something through the window that separates the living room from the dining room. I felt something hit just below my chin and asked what in the world that was. He just started laughing and proceeded to tell me it was a green bean he saw in the refrigerator. I asked why he did not throw it in the trash and he said “the lid was closed”….I told him that my robe was closed also, but that did not stop him from throwing it my way. I am gonna have to think of a way to get him back. He better sleep with one eye open ;-)

When I first started posting tonight everything was ok, then before I knew it everything I had posted was gone, arghhhh !!!!!!!! As if that wasn't bad enough in itself , we are having a little bit of rain move in and the satellite is down. Let me tell you, satellite is not everything it’s cracked up to be.

Yesterday evening, Ritzy, the son and I went to Tulsa to have a meal with the daughter and her boyfriend. Had a wonderful time. Ate some fish (crappie) that my brother caught Saturday. Mmm mmm good!!!!! Tomorrow his wife,(my sister-in-law), Granny and I are meeting the daughter at Olive Garden for lunch. Boy, Ritzywife sure has had a lot of “meet & eat” this week, huh???

I am writing this on my computer and gonna try to post it to my blog when the internet returns . Hope it works..

Yea,,,,,it worked!!!!!
It's now getting late and I am getting tired so with that Ritzywife is out.................................

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