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Plum butter cooking on stove
Plum jelly

Yes, I am still at it.  We (Ritzy & I ) picked the rest of the  plums from Dad's tree today.  It is 1:49 am and I am waiting on the butter to cook down.  It's been cooking since 8:30.  I think it's about ready.
The jelly making was interesting tonight.  Everything was going fine until I poured the first 4 jars, I was getting ready to tighten the lids when I must have pushed the board too far and it fell into the sink, sending 1 jar full of HOT jelly in the floor and one in the sink.  I managed to save 2 jars.  I was just standing there looking at the mess and pretty disgusted when I realized that I ought to be thankful that the jar of HOT jelly did not fall on me.  It would have been very painful.  So.................I commenced to cleaning up the mess.  I think I mopped the floor at least a half dozen times to get all the sugar off it. It was nasty...
I cannot believe I am still up at 2 am.  I have studied my Sunday School lesson while waiting on the butter to cook down.
I loaded the dishwasher and washed a load of dishes while I took my bath.  I also had to put my kitchen rug in the washer to wash all the jelly off it.  It is laying in the laundry room drying now. 
I have had a very busy day today.  I made the daughter something for her and the boyfriend's apartment.  I also made him something to put in the bathroom.  He has it decorated in a John Wayne theme.
After finishing those little projects I started in on the jelly making.  I had not been outside all day, so while the plums were cooking on the stove I went out and sat in my swing for a few minutes.  It was about dark and by that time it had cooled down enough to be comfortable outside.
Well I am going to see how close that butter is to being done, because Ritzywife is about done................
Ritzywife out....................

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