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Ouch is exactly how I  felt after being stung tonight.  I was out in the garage looking for my Fall decorations.  I picked something up and must have put my finger right on that darn wasp.  He proceeded to show me just what he thought about it.  I let go really fast and proceeded to tell him just what I thought about what he just did. (Had to repent after that.) 
After getting over the shock of being stung, I went in the house to wash my finger, then put cider vinegar on it, then made a paste of baking soda and water and put that on it.  I was doing anything I could think of  to neutralize that sting and the pain it was causing........Now my finger is just swollen to just about twice normal size and it's just annoying.
The last time I was stung was about 20 years ago by the same kind of wasp. I was picking up a pop bottle.  (I guess I need to stop picking things up, huh?)  The wasps were the large  red and black kind.  Believe me..................they hurt.  I sure am glad I am not allergic to stings.  I was home alone at the time.  Ritzy was up the road cutting wood and the son had gone to town.
I gave up on looking for those decorations.  I will either let Ritzy get them or I will get my leather gloves before I try again.
The weather has been wonderful so far this week here in Oklahoma.  It's about time!!!!
I drove to Claremore today to get me some tacos for lunch and just drove with the windows down cause it felt so good.
I tried sitting outside in the swing tonight, but those darn mosquitos were eating me up.  I think Ritzy and I will start a fire in the pit tomorrow to help keep the pests away.....while we enjoy the cool evenings.
I don't have much to do this weekend.  I will just piddle around I guess.  I really want to get those Fall decorations out.  Maybe I am rushing the season a bit. 
I have a new dishwasher to put in.  I have had a portable one for 8 years and have loved it.  I chose that one because I did not want to give up my cabinet space.  But now I want a built in one.  I am trying to de-clutter my kitchen. I guess I am  tired of walking around it and tired of hooking and unhooking it from the faucet, plus, with my new faucet I can't leave the adapter on the faucet like my old one.  I have to change the aerator and adapter everytime I do dishes. I am afraid it will ruin the faucet.    My brother is coming over sometime to help Ritzy install it.
It will be so nice to have.........
I think I feel an ice cream craving coming on, and with that Ritzywife is out.......................

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