Geez, It's Hot!!!!!!!

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Good Grief, it's been hot here in Oklahoma the past 3 weeks.  We have been under excessive heat warnings most of that time.  It's so hot that we have to wait until the sun almost sets to be able to sit outside and enjoy (if that's what you can call it) the outdoors.  I don't even want to turn on my stove or oven because  I don't want it heating up the kitchen.  The poor AC is working hard enough as it is....
I told Ritzy that we were going to pick up supper tonight.  I called Rib Crib and ordered a pound of sliced brisket and a pound of boneless chicken and some potato salad. Had some Grillin' Beans to heat up at home.. We drove over to pick it up and brought it home to eat.  Sure was good.  I love barbeque!!!!!!
Upon returning home we noticed some commotion on the east side of our property, but we just pulled in and came in the house.  Pretty soon the doorbell rang and it was a young man saying that only 15 minutes earlier they were driving by and saw someone and thier "bike" in the ditch.  They stopped and the guy was in pretty bad shape but he refused to have them call 911 because he had been drinking.  So he had a relative come get him and the boys were watching the "bike"  til someone else could come pick it up.  That is the 3rd time this kind of accident has happened in that spot since we have lived here.  These crazy people need to slow down and quit drinking and driving.  Ritzy went over there and said there was stuff everywhere, but I guess they got it all picked up.  I sure hope that person gets medical attention if it is needed.  No need to mess around with that kind of thing....
Speaking of not cooking, I have to confess I did turn the oven on tonight.  Baked some banana bread with some really ripe bananas.. We have pot luck dinner after church tomorrow and that is what I am taking.  On the subject of Banana Bread.......the family usually gives Ritzywife the ripe (rotten-as they call them) bananas.  I try to tell everyone that they are just ready for bread when it looks like they should be put in the garbage.  That's why my bread always tastes good....(my little secret, til now)...Put the bread in the oven, went to take my bath and just about the time it was done, so was I. 
I have just finished studying my lesson so I am in pretty good shape for the rest of the night.
Ritzy, the son and I laid new tile in both bathrooms over the weekend.  It looks good.  It lookes like wood flooring.  Has a natural finish and not a glossy one, I really like it. 
I think I have finally "cooled off" enough to think about going to bed.  I cannot be hot and get in bed cause I will never get to sleep.  I turn the thermostat down about 2-4 degrees before I go to bed so it will be nice and cool while I am trying to sleep and I have told Ritzy to not say a word about it!!!  Hard to keep a 50-something woman cool enough -- I hear ;-)
With that said Ritzywife is out...............................

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