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Wild Plum Jelly
4 hours of work.. (4 batches)

This is how I spent my morning and early afternoon.  The 4 hours doesn't even count picking and preparing the fruit.  Ritzy and I picked the wild plums last night.   It was a lot of work considering they are about the size of marbles.  We picked about 3-4 gallons of them.  I had Ritzy back the truck up to the trees and I stood in the back to pick the fruit.   At 8:30 I prepared the fruit and let it drip all night.  Got to bed at midnight........whew.........Early this morning I started making the jelly.  On an earlier post I had made some tame plum jelly, but this jelly turned out clear and beautiful.
It turned out that way cause I let the juice drip all night instead of just straining it like I did with the other plums.  I just finished eating  some on some buttered toast and it tastes wonderful!!!!! (I sure wish I had some of those english muffins made.  Guess that is something to do tomorrow.  I don't see them lasting long, because the son eats them about as fast as I can make them. )  I take advantage of the wild fruit because it isn't here every year.  Most years a late freeze will get the trees.  I don't think we had any plums last year.  That's ok cause Ritzywife is making up for it this year.  I still have another picking up at Mom & Dad's.  I am going to make some more plum butter.
I tried something today unsure of how it would turn out, but everything turned out fine.  I made this jelly without Sure-Jell.
I noticed the juice was very thick due to the natural pectin in the fruit, so I thought why waste a $2 box of Sure-Jell.  I just measured out the juice that my pan would boil safely  and put in however much sugar I wanted and cooked it to the "jellying" stage, which turns out to be about 20 minutes after it began to boil.  Each batch took about an hour by the time I cleaned up the pan and utensils and got the jars and lids ready for the next batch. 
After finishing the jelly today I had to make out the church report for tomorrow night's business meeting at church.  I am finally finished with my tasks for today.  I think we will do leftovers tonight for supper.........It's a good thing Ritzy isn't a picky eater, hahaha!!!!!
Ritzywife out..........................

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