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Plum Butter
Plum Jelly
By looking at the pictures, you should be able to figure it out.  I got up early, went to mom & dad's to pick some plums.  After returning home I prepared the fruit for some juice to make some jelly.  I ended up with 14 pints, (3 batches)....
After finishing the jelly, I had some pulp left and did not want to throw it away, so I looked up a plum butter recipe.  It was too easy.  I only ended up with what you see here, tho.  I think I will go pick some more this week and make some more butter. 
I remember as a child there is no way you could have gotten  me to even taste a fruit butter, but now it tastes pretty good.  I guess our tastes change??
Ritzy and I celebrated our 27th Anniversary yesterday.  We had dinner at Red Lobster in Tulsa. I told him the other night that I was going to pick the most expensive item on the menu, and I did.  Had the crab trio, sure was YUMMY!!!!  Went by to see the daughter after we ate.  Had a good visit with her and the boyfriend.
We have a birthday party to attend in a little while.  It is "bubba & sissy's" combined.  His birthday was last week and hers is this next week. He is 9 and she will be 5.   Their mama got smart and just combined them.  I don't know what we are having, but after all that work today, I sure am hungry.  Ritzy has worked outside all day.  I have only seen him a couple of times during the day.........Well, He just walked in to get ready for the party. 
I have been hearing the lids on those jars "pop".  That is the most wonderful sound for someone who cans and preserves food at home, hahaha!!!!!

It sure is hot out there, but we are starting August and this is Oklahoma ;-)
We got our electric bill today, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Not as bad as this time last year.  That poor AC is getting a workout. 
I guess it is about time to leave and go PARTY!!!!
Ritzywife out.....................................................................

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