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I have spent the morning catching up on housework.  Vacuuming and sweeping the floors, unloading the dishwasher, dusting,  got one load of laundry done, and gonna go put it in dryer and start second load.
All this fishing has me a little behind on my "chores"......I spent yesterday fishing and caught 7 fish.  They weren't biting for anyone...... (I think it had something to do with the low pressure system that came thru late last nite and this morning.....)  I called Dad and asked him if he wanted a "mess" of crappie and of course he did not turn that down.  The deal is----Wednesday nite after church he was hinting to me that he was ready for some more fish just like the ones I gave him last week.  They were cleaned, cooked and ready to eat by the time he got his hands on them.  So when I caught those fish yesterday I decided I would cook them and Dad could pick them up on his way home from work, which he did.  There were some left over for us.  They sure tasted good.  Nothin' like a fresh batch of crappie......
I was thinking earlier about going down there after all my work was done, but I think I will wait till this evening, so the weather will have a chance to settle a bit.  Plus, I don't want to drive my truck down there in the mud.  I'll wait till Ritzy gets home with his truck and drive it down there, hahaha!!!!!!!
I sure do have quite a "fisherman's tan" going.  The past couple of times in the sun I have worn long sleeves to protect my arms.  Someone asked why I didn't use sunscreen and I told them that sunscreen wasn't exactly the first thing on my mind when I was headed to the fishin' hole  ;-)
Don't know if anyone believes it or not but with all this fishing and pulling in all the  fish and taking tackle in and out of the truck, I seem to have aggravated my "tennis elbow".  In a way it is kind of funny, but when the arm is hurting there is nothing funny about it.  After the second day of fishing, I noticed my arm would hurt expecially if I was lifting or putting pressure on it.  I then realized that I had stirred up my tennis elbow.  I did not ever have a problem until 2 years ago when Ritzy was on active duty in Iraq that the son and I would mow the lawn.  He would mow and I would do the weed eating.  Handling that weed eater is what started it all.  I finally found a "strap" that goes around my arm.  So I ordered it and started wearing it.  It took a few months but the pain finally went away........til last week when I started fishing.  I am now back to wearing the black band around  my arm until the pain goes away.  It hurts to make a fist  or straighten out my arm, and I don't have the strength to lift anything very heavy with that arm.  (Fishin' was worth the pain, hahaha!!)
I wonder if Ritzy would let me take off for "rest and recuperation" leave till it heals.....hehehe!!!!
Well, I better go put those clothes in the dryer and start the last load washing if I want to get my work done for the day. 
With that, Ritzywife is out............................

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