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I don't know how else to express it.  My grandmother who was 89 years old in February passed away yesterday evening.  I was at the "crappie hole" fishing when I got the call from mom.  I was sad to learn of her passing, but she had lived a long and happy life, and most important of all........ she was ready to go. 
I was telling one of my uncles today that I always remember Grandma as being easy talking and kindhearted  to everyone.  I don't ever remember seeing her mad.  When I was about 12 years old she made me and mom matching red gingham aprons.  I still have mine and it helps decorate my kitchen today.  In fact I have something from both my grandma's.  My other grandma made me an "Indian Costume" out of feed sacks and scrap material 40 years ago when I was in grade school and in a Thanksgiving play.  It hangs in my and Ritzy's bedroom.  Those items are very special to me. 
The picture is of the fish I caught today. 
I got to the fishing hole around 9:30 this morning and left at 5 only because  I HAD to leave to come home to clean the fish and get ready for Wednesday night church service at 7.  I also have one heck of a sunburn.  Stick a fork in me---I"m done!!!!!!
I had decided that the fish caught today were going to be given to our Pastor and his family.  They have 3 young children.  Those 15 fish made a good "mess" of fish for them.  I think they were very happy with them.
I think I had better stay home tomorrow and stay out of the sun.  I look like a ripe tomato, hahaha!!!!!
The housework doesn't do itself, darn it......I will be catching up on that so I can justify going fishing some more......
My grandmother's funeral service is Friday, so that day is going to be a busy day. 
One thing I will always remember about her is that she did NOT want to be called "Granny" and she let us kids know that little fact ;-)
I think the name "Granny" is sweet, but Grandma did not see it that way.........
That's about all I have for today.
Ritzywife out...........................

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