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That's what you could say about the daughter and I today.  We spent the afternoon and evening fishing.  I had a funeral service to play the piano for this morning.  After that I came home and loaded up the truck with fishing gear to head down to the "crappie hole".  We go to the bait shop across the road only to find out they are out of minnows, and learn that everyone else is out too.  We proceeded to drive to Oologah Dam to see if the bait shop had some bait.  They were out also.  As a last resort we decide to go to Nowata and find a tiny bait shop that had what we needed.  A 30 mile round trip to go 1.5 miles away from the house to go fishing.  As you can see, we did pretty well.  We ended up with 34 crappie which made a gallon of fillets.
Tonight I was supposed to cook fish that the daughter and boyfriend had caught over the weekend, but once Ritzywife gets to fishing and as long as they are biting, there is no going home till it's dark.  So......everyone was on their own tonight for supper.
My nephew came down there to join us this evening and caught a few. 
While leaving, he asked how I was going to clean them and I proceeded to tell him that I would use my trusty fillet knife.  He told me I needed to use an electric knife.  I tried that once and butchered the fish and didn't try again.
After I got home, he called and asked if he could come help me clean the fish, I didn't turn that down.  I tried to give him some of the fish, but he refused so I told him I would give him a call when they were ready to eat and that was ok by him.......
There is nothing like hauling in a good sized crappie.  I love it!!!!!!!
I should have put on the sunblock or wore sleeves, tho.  I got a "little" red after spending all afternoon and evening in the sun.
After getting home and putting everything up, the daughter was still bent on frying up some fish, so I told her how to do it and while I took my bath she cooked.  That fish sure tasted good!!!!!
The weather has been beautiful.  This week will be perfect fishing weather.  The crappie are just starting to move in and will be spawning soon, so there is a short time frame to fish in this "spot."
I hope to be posting more pictures of our "catches".....
Ritzywife out....................

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